Lyndonville Joint Fire District ... Who are we?

  • We are a dedicated group of individuals (currently 26) who embody the spirit of the earliest days of our country with love of country, good citizenship, civic virtue, and self-sacrifice to protect life and property without the hope of a fee or reward.
  • As first responders to fire and emergency situations we are a part of the NY state division of Homeland Security & Emergency Services. We are an integral part of the Orleans County Bureau of Emergency Management.
  • We provide fire protection and emergency medical services to the Town of Yates and the Village of Lyndonville (total population in 2017 was 3,226). We also support all adjacent towns.
  • We strive to acquire and own apparatus of any kind which assists us to protect any persons or properties from injury, death, loss, damage or destruction by fire.
  • We provide fire prevention and safety services to our community.
  • We maintain suitable quarters for use of our members to house our fire apparatus and items necessary to run an efficient effective volunteer organization.
  • We encourage interest in all matters of volunteer fire service and vigorously support the welfare of our members and all volunteer firefighters and EMS personnel.


Volunteer fire departments answer all kinds of calls: house fires, barn fires, brush fires, forest fires, car fires, HAZMAT situations– but did you know that we have more calls in response to EMS situations such as car accidents or medical emergencies than fires? As the population of the community ages, the ability of our firefighters to be first responders is critical. We can never have too many qualified people in our ranks.

Fire Safety!

Fire Prevention Week occurs every year on the week which contains October 9th. It begins on Sunday and runs through the next Saturday. Fire Prevention Week commemorates the devastating Great Chicago Fire which began on October 8, 1871. Fire Prevention Week is the perfect time to review and practice your family's escape plan. The No. 1 rule if a fire happens in your home: Get out, stay out and call for help. Never go back inside for anyone or anything. Call the fire department from outside your home.


Every dollar helps! Funds we raise are used for education and training, equipment, equipment maintenance, protective clothing, breathing apparatus, EMS supplies and much more!