It’s that time of year!

We are calling for donations and volunteers.


Our members are 100% volunteer. We are looking for adults and teenagers interested in joining our team. Let us talk to you about requirements and the training you will receive.

We also have openings in our junior fire fighter program for teens aged 16 & 17 years old. This program teaches basic fire-fighting skills and first aid. When they reach 18, they can join the team and become full-fledged fire fighters ready to become home-town heroes.

Our volunteer auxiliary provide support for our fire fighters and assist us in fund raising events. They are another volunteer opportunity.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions our Tuesday open house is not taking place at this time. Please callĀ 585-765-9003 for more volunteer information or to make an appointment to speak with a fire fighter about volunteering.


Can be mailed to PO BOX 150, 148 North Main St, Lyndonville, NY 14098

In 2019 the donations we received enabled us to purchase 2 SCOTT thermal imaging cameras which allow us to find a victim in a smoke-filled dwelling or in the wilderness using body temperature and surrounding surface temperatures. These cameras can also help identify hot spots and focus on them, reducing structural damage in a fire.

In 2020, we hope to raise enough money to purchase new Salvage Tarps which help protect residents personal belongings from water damage while we extinguish a fire. We will also be updating and replacing tools such as vent saws, generator lights, and ladders as well as EMS supplies like gloves and masks.